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Glass and mirrors

Our company supplies various glass products made from glass sheets manufactured in Europe (Guardian, Saint-Gobain, AGC, Pilkington).

Float Glass

This is the  “ordinary” glass which is manufactured by using the float method – pouring melted glass on the heated tin surface. This way, a glass sheet comes perfectly smooth, “polished” on both sides. 2 to 25 mm thick float glass is available. Main types of glass:

  • Transparent glass – ordinary float glass (Clear Float);
  • Tinted glass. Different tones are available - Bronze, Grey, Green, Pink, Azure;
  • Refined glass – with increased pellucidity;
  • Laminated glass (triplex) – consists of two or more glass sheets joined together with one or more layers of polymer film. Such glass can be used for safety (anti-burglary), soundproofing, fireproofing or decorative glass products;
  • Matt glass. This is the glass (Matelux) of which one surface is chemically processed with acid. This glass can be hardened, used for partitions and doors, or in the interior. The production of Lacomat glass, of which one surface is covered with matt varnish, has also been recently started;
  • Painted glass. This is the glass of which one surface is covered with the high quality paint (Lacobel). Non-transparent. Elegant interior glass. It is also available painted on one side and matt on the other (Matelac);
  • Anti-reflective glass. Such glass is used for displaying paintings and frames, as it diffuses light and eliminates the reflective effect, retaining the contrast and colours. It permits the viewing of paintings and pictures without any visual distortions;
  • Glass with pyrolytic or magnetron cover. Such glasses are used for monitoring energy efficiency and solar energy, as well as for creating a visual image of a building’s façade.

Decorative Glass
This glass has relief decoration on one or both sides. Decorative glass can be uncoloured, brown, and yellow, with or without chemical frosting.  Types of decorative glass can be seen on manufacturers’ web pages (AGC, Saint-Gobain Glass, Yourglass). 

Wire Glass
This glass is flat or with relief decoration and has an embedded net of metal wires. It can be colourless, brown or yellow.  When such a glass is broken, it stays in place, due to its metal net, and prevents break-ins into a building.

Mirrors can be 2 to 8 mm thick. Predominantly, 4-6 mm thick mirrors are used. Mirrors can be transparent, tinted (Bronza, Grey, Green, PrivaBlue), matt and with the old mirror effect. Modern mirrors are ecologically clean and moisture-resistant.