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Glazed structures

Rīgas Stikls offers services in the design, manufacture and mounting of all sorts of glazed structures. Glazed structures can be made of hardened or laminated glass or mirrors. Glass can be transparent, matt or tinted. We supply the following products:

  • Glass Partition Walls. Glass partition walls can be fixed, sliding and sectional, with or without doors.
  • Glass Doors. We offer swing and sliding doors, single and double doors.
  • Glass Balustrades and Enclosures. These are used for enclosing balconies, stairs, lifts and other premises.
  • Glass Floors and Stairs. Floors and stairs are made of multi-layered glass and can be illuminated.
  • Glass Porches. They protect entrances of houses and stores from rain and snow.
  • Glass Shower Stalls. They look much nicer than plastic shower stalls, are more durable and more easily cleaned.
  • Glass Façades. They can be made of hardened or laminated glass or double glazing.
  • Mirror Structures. Mirrors of different sizes glued or attached to walls.

All our products have a warranty against defective materials or mounting.

We offer our services to legal entities (shopping centres, stores, offices and other public premises) on an agreement basis – replacement of damaged or scratched glasses and parts of glazed structures.