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Decorative glasses

In this section, we consider glass that fulfils decorative functions. The different types are:

  • decorative glass;
  • matt glass – glasses frosted with acid or sand blast;
  • painted glass – painted interior glasses or painted hardened interior or exterior glasses;
  • glass covered with film;
  • laminated glass.

Decorative Glass This glass has relief surface – decoration – on one or both sides. It is used for glazing windows, doors or partitions. Decorative glass can be uncoloured, brown, and yellow, with or without chemical frosting.  Types of decorative glass can be seen on manufacturers’ web pages (AGC, Saint-Gobain Glass, Yourglass).  

Matt glasses and painted glasses also fulfil decorative functions (see Section GLASS AND MIRRORS).

Glass can also be frosted by using sand blast. With a sand blaster, Rīgas Stikls can not only frost glasses or windows, but also create all sorts of patterns on them.

Our company also offers painted hardened glass types with an overall painting or pattern. Special enamel is laid on the glass using a screen-printing method or roller, then the glass is hardened and thus the enamel is tightly joined with the glass surface. Such painting is highly resistant to mechanical impact and is not bleached by sunlight.  Such glasses are used for façades, decorative partitions and in other places.
SIA Rīgas Stikls offers also film coating services. This way any colour or tone can be applied to the glass, and lace a complicated drawing or a photo image placed on it. We can coat a film also in-situ, at a location selected by the client.

Glass lamination used for decorative purposes is when two or more glasses are joined together by applying films or resin of different colours, or by placing decorative elements between glasses - tree leaves and other items.