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About Us

The company Rīgas Stikls, established in 1992, is one of the oldest companies operating in the field of glass processing on the Latvian market. By continuously accumulating experience and reputation, updating equipment and increasing the level of production and service culture, we have become a recognised and reliable partner in the glass processing market.
We work with individual customers, big furniture manufacturers, architecture and design companies, and are able to offer an individual approach to each client. We are capable of fulfilling orders of any degree of complexity.

Our company provides the following services:
  • plain and figured cutting of any type of glass (including decorative) and mirrors;
  • all sorts of glass processing – grinding of plain and curvilinear edges, polishing, bevelling, drilling, frosting with sand blasting, painting, engraving, hardening, film coating, etc.;
  • design, manufacture and mounting of glazed structures;
  • glass lamination;
  • manufacture of safety glasses;
  • manufacture of design elements from glass and mirrors, as well as their mounts.
   Our products are:
  • various glass types and mirrors, stained glass;
  • hardened glass structures – partitions, doors, balustrades, floors;
  • safety glass – laminated, hardened, armoured glass;
  • decorative glass and mirrors – matt, engraved, painted, laminated with film, etc.;
  • double glazing.

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